Our Mission

The ACD's mission is to promote the versatile development of mutual relations in the various areas between the private and public sectors of the countries of Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia.


99.9% of the total number of business entities, not only in the European Economic Area, are micro, small or medium sized enterprises that provide employment opportunities for the majority of the active labor force and are significantly involved in gross production and added value creation. These entities are also an innovative and technological resource, create a competitive environment, support economic growth, and produce and deliver products and services that are not being willingly offered by large enterprises.


Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises represent an important part of their economies in developed countries and are among the main pillars of national economies. According to the European Commission's classification no. 2003/361 / EC, we divide the size of enterprises as follows:

Category of enterprise

Number of employees(main criterion)

Annual turnover (secondary criterion)

Annual balance amount

Micro enterprise1 to 9≤ 2 000 000 €≤ 2 000 000 €
Small enterprise10 to 49≤ 10 000 000 €≤ 10 000 000 €
Medium enterprise50 to 249≤ 50 000 000 €≤ 43 000 000 €
Large enterprise250 +  


Similar rules for division and classification can be also applied in other continents.


ACD builds a strong network of professional contacts and collaborate with micro, small, medium and large enterprises by implementing joint projects and incentives to help co-operate and develop not only business opportunities. We firmly believe that we will also be able to welcome you among partners or members of our international independent association.


Apart from enterprises, ACD is internationally active and cooperates with organizations, companies, ministries, chambers, associations, institutions, governments, local authorities, regions, different territorial units, municipalities in following areas:


• business,

• culture,

• art,

• science and technology,

• economy,

• tourism and travel,

• education,

• other areas as well as

• supporting charitable activities.