The Auspice
The auspice of the Association for Cooperation and Development (ACD) is a symbolic acknowledgment of the high quality, professionalism and unique contribution of a project or event that has an international character. In relation to the public, it is an expression of the fact that it is an important and prestigious event or a credible project.

ACD's auspicing is an honor therefore no financial or other security benefits of the project/event arise out of it.

An application for the ACD auspice may be requested by a natural or a legal person that is a member of the ACD and at the same time the main organizer of the event or a project owner and is responsible for the preparation and implementation throughout the duration of the project or event.

To be provided with aupsice, required documents along with a completed application for a project or event must be submitted to the ACD at least 12 working days before the event or launch of the project.

It should be noted:
• the name of the project or event,
• a brief characteristics,
• the date and venue of the event,
• duration of the event,
• benefit for society and international relations.

In case of granting ACD auspice, the entity that has received it, has the right to state this fact in any promotion, marketing activity of the event and use of the ACD logo.

The applicant will be notified about granting the ACD auspice by e-mail or through the association's information system no later than 12 working days from the date of accepting the application.

Warning: In case an ACD logo has been already made availabale to the applicant (for example, by a former auspice), it may not be used again without ACD consent. Self-use of the ACD logo is a violation of Copyright Act. 121/2000 Coll. and its unauthorized use will be settled by law.